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This is the first of three EPs


released July 30, 2014

All songs written by Conversation
Produced, mixed and mastered by Mike Evola



all rights reserved


CONVERSATION Toronto, Ontario

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Track Name: This Is Me Breathing

You you you YOU
You let it slip away
Regret is never ending
One more missed opportunity
This is for all of you
A message I am sending
Tell me anything just please don’t lie to me
And this is what we fight for
This is me breathing


You you you you you you YOU
You’re not worth anything
Even the air you’re breathing
Eye brighter than you can see
If I don’t do this now
I never will so let me
Just get back in line
Coz that’s all you’ll ever be
And now the light runs through me
Living in memories
And this is what we fight for
This is me breathing

And I know there’s little hope in this
Coz my pulse in time with it
This is my only home
This is my skin my bones
There must be more to this life I live
To this life I live
To this life I live

Like frozen wings in snow I fall away

And what if all nay sayers
Had their say
It would amount to nothing
Just waves and waves of grey

And what if all nay sayers
Had their say
It would amount to nothing
Just waves and waves of grey

It starts with a simple and sane idea
The idea that somewhere along the way, every single one of us has been set up!
But we brush those thoughts aside.
We refuse to believe that maybe, just maybe, our lives were meant for something more that what’s tangible,
more than what’s predictable,
more than what’s been laid out in front of us time and time and time again.

So we keep moving.
We wake up every day and roll over the waves that we’ve created for ourselves without a second thought
Or a moment of hesitation

But when the wine is gone and the rain is gone and all the static falls away
We begin to understand that in the end there are no excuses left!

And in a moment like this when the colours come to light
And all that I am left with is a picture of you and I
I finally begin to realize that this is me breathing
This is me breathing

But I can’t breathe without you.

My only home
My skin my bones
Track Name: Amantes Sunt Amentes
From a distance everything seems so crystal clear
Truth be told, nothing is
These bottles are bridges, these moments are seldom real
The only reason I breathe (is just to waste my breath)

This is not what we had walked into
But this is all that we have left

And she falls into me
Between the hospital
And everything that we have left

And when we danced
Like ships passing at see
I watched as the ocean
So patient and perfect
Came falling over me

I want you to remember
This time it wasn’t me
No the gun was in your hand you see
The gun was in your hand

Four hundred and ninety-eight days
Track Name: Work Without End
Working without end
And I swear to you this was never what I planned
My eyes they fly open
To a world I could never understand
(The life I never lived was all I had)

We were meant for
For some much more than blinding lights and bathroom floors
We both knew this day would come
Because we both know this is WAR

I’ll ask you one more time, my friend, now are you in or are you out?
What better time than now?
Let’s do this right
Let’s burn this to the ground
A thousand days roll by like passing cars, we never question why
As sure as we are born
We realize
One day we’ll surely die

Drifting with the wind around me
I find myself hearing constantly
All of the words you said
That kept me looking back
What if everything you’ve ever known
You should have questioned

We crawl through life
But we never (question why)